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SEO and CMS - a marriage made in heaven!

Content management systems (CMS) are the future of web design...putting control of your site firmly in your hands

At ePage Solutions we work very closely with one of the the UK's leading CMS Web Designers. CMS stands for Content Management System which simply put enables businesses to quickly and easily manage, delete, amend or add new website content from their control panel. With a CMS-based website your business can grow far quicker than if you were to use a traditional website design. Content management Systems put the control of a website back in the hands of the site owner, particularly important when a site is growing quickly.

Why is a Content Management Website Right For Your Business?

  • Fast, effective and smooth project delivery
  • Can provide shopping carts, quote engines or directory functionality
  • Pages can be indiviually assigned with unique titles, meta tags and content
  • A CMS website can create and update its own sitemaps
  • Content Management websites provide site owners the ability to create new pages in seconds
  • Once a user is set up that person can add, delete, amend or suspend site pages on the fly
  • Users are able to add new images to the site with a simple-to-use interface
  • New and bespoke functionality can be created, designed and implemented quickly and easily
  • Updates don't require that you re-design your site
  • CMS provides users with immediate access to key on page items such as titles and meta descriptions.
  • New functionality and new templates can be implemented very quickly and at great prices, saving you money
  • For information on how a fully functional CMS website can help you grow your business call Jock right now on 07917 775200 for more details.